Laurie Winter

Available April 2023!

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A treasure worth killing for…

Unless the bodyguard can protect them

Kayla Swartz’s return to Snowberry, Montana, has been a living nightmare. She found her estranged father murdered, and unless she retrieves some missing jewels, Kayla and her three-year-old sister could be next. With nowhere else to turn, Kayla entrusts their lives to bodyguard Nicholas Galanis. But is hiding at a remote cabin in the mountains their best chance to survive…or the perfect opportunity for an ambush?

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Harmony – 2nd place, WisRWA Write Touch Contest 2020

Harmony (Our Song)- 2nd place, Lone Star Writing Contest 2017

True Horizon– Honorable Mention, Pages From The Heart 2015

2nd place, Hero of Our Heart Award, Pages From The Heart 2015

Winner Takes All– 1st Place, Pages From The Heart 2016

 “Lyrical, emotional and utterly romantic, Home Field reminds us of what’s most important in life: home, family and most of all, love.”
 ~Karen Rock, award-winning romance author of A League of Her Own

“You will see yourself in this book, it is SO relate-able on how our emotions and hearts put us at war with ourselves. The romance and heartwarming sweetness of the characters in this book provides is a great snuggle-with-a-blanket read that leaves you sighing with a smile.”     -Amazon Review

“Home Field was one of the best books that I have read this year. Laurie Winter captures her audiences heart and attention right from the very moment they flip the first page.”    -Amazon Review

“What a heartwarming, engaging story! I’ll admit, my “go-to” genre is mystery or thriller, but this story pulled me in. AFTER ALL isn’t your typical romance; there are plenty of other issues layered in. Serious ones. Social issues like a teen pregnancy, troubled teens, family abuse, and more prove this. The author addressed these issues with sensitivity and authenticity, which is a real plus for me. The characters were engaging, their actions and thoughts expressed made me feel a range of emotions, from laughing to crying. And of course, there’s the romance. A serviceman returning home, dreaming of starting a family. A cop who’s devoted to her career goal of becoming a DEA agent. How will they ever get together? It’s complicated, but oh so good to travel along on their journey to find a way.
This novel is book three in the WARRIORS OF THE HEART series and definitely worth the reading experience. They all are! Well done!”    -Amazon Review