Book Club



Calling all who love to read and talk about books. With Paper Dreams Book Club, I hope to gather together a few good books and have some exciting discussions.

On February 15th, I will announce our first selection. Then, the group will have until March 31 to read the book. During the month of March, you may see an interview with the author, a guest host, giveaways and/or a chance for reader questions.

Readers are encouraged to comment, share their opinions, and answer the book club questions.

The next month, we’ll start the process again with the next selection.

What type of books will be featured? The short answer is…a little bit of everything, both fiction and non-fiction

Adult, New Adult, and Young Adult

Romance, Mystery, Crime Thriller, Fantasy, Women’ Lit

No Erotica or anything heavily sexual (think PG13)

The great thing about this book club is…if you don’t like the current month’s book selection, just skip it and join us next month.

Are you in???

If you would like to join me, please sign up to follow my blog or email me directly at


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