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A short excerpt from HOME FIELD-

Julie felt the man’s presence before she saw him. His deep voice couldn’t be missed, even over the hum of the crowd. She realized he meant to sit in the empty chair next to her, and a shiver traveled over her skin. The chair slid back, and Julie turned to get a look at who’d she’d be sitting beside for the next hour. From her seated position, he towered over her. Well over six feet tall, he had a solid build that looked somewhat dangerous. Her second impression was he was way too good-looking and seemingly well aware of that fact.

“Hi.” He flashed a million-dollar smile as he sat. “Reagan Harrison.”

“Hello.” Her voice cracked, suddenly flustered by his closeness. Her heart pounded in her chest as fast as hummingbird’s wings. “My name is Julie Ellis. It’s nice to meet you.”

When she reached over to shake his hand, she noticed he smelled of peppermint. Maybe from the muscle rub athletes were so fond of or the lingering scent of gum. For some reason, she found the smell relaxed her strained nerves. His large, rough hand embraced hers, holding firm and warm. The contact made her body buzz. Startled by her reaction, she tugged back slightly.

He let it drop. “Are you here alone?”

“Yes,” she answered with an ache in her heart. In a perfect world, she wouldn’t be here alone.

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