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Character Interview – Evelyn Baine

Character Interview with Evelyn Baine of Hunted

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I am so pleased that the star of our book club pick, Hunted, has taken time out of her busy schedule to grant me an interview

Thanks for joining us Evelyn. I know you’re a busy woman so I promise not to take up too much of your time. Please explain to your readers what it takes to become a FBI profiler?

Well, first, you have to make it into the FBI.  The Academy is no joke – besides learning all the laws, and the PT, you actually have to do things like box fellow trainees.  Once you finish the Academy, it’s time to prove yourself as a regular Special Agent.  I was assigned to a Violent Crimes Major Offenders (VCMO) squad in Houston, where I worked ten hour days for six years, trying to get myself noticed.  Then a spot opened up at the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and I jumped at it.  It’s where I’ve wanted to be since I was twelve years old.  But that’s a story for another day.

You’re relatively new to the profiling task force and one of the only women in the department. How did you break the glass ceiling in the FBI?

Only 20% of Special Agents in the FBI are women, and in some ways – like a lot of law enforcement – it’s still an old boys’ club.  My method was to work harder than the agents around me, trying to stand out.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been studying profiling since I was a kid, since I knew this was where I wanted to be when I grew up.  Don’t tell them, but it’s not just the criminals I use my profiling skills on – it’s also my fellow agents.

Besides the case you’re working on in Hunted, what has been your most difficult case?

When I was in the Houston field office, we were investigating a serial rapist.  The police were stymied – the perpetrator was really skilled at leaving behind no physical evidence.  They had a suspect who had the right history and who had acted suspiciously in interviews, but something just didn’t feel right about it to me.  I dug and dug and ultimately, I uncovered that the rapist was actually a member of their police force.  It was a tough case, but it was the one that finally got me noticed by the BAU.

Okay, give it to us straight…what are your feelings for Kyle? He seems like a really good guy. Maybe you should give him a chance.

He is a good guy, and a good agent.  The problem is, we both work for the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), and the FBI doesn’t allow its agents to date and work the same squad.  Kyle would argue we’re not precisely in the same squad, but the rules here are murky.  Our jobs are important to both of us, and I’m not willing to give up profiling.  It’s pretty complicated, though, especially because of what happened after this Bakersville Burier serial killer case (in HUNTED) ended…

Thanks Evelyn for answering a few of my questions.

Do you have any questions for the main character, Evelyn Baine, of Hunted?

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4 thoughts on “Character Interview – Evelyn Baine”

  1. I enjoyed Hunted and I have Vanished in my TBR pile. If I could give Evelyn a piece of advice:”Give Kyle a chance.”

    1. Hi, Renee!! Thank you so much! He he – I love your advice for Evelyn – and I think you’ll find when you pull Vanished out of the TBR pile that she’s finally on board with that idea!! 🙂

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