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March Wrap-up : Hunted

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As we wrap-up the month of March, I want to say thanks to all who have participated in my first book club selection. Also, a special thank you to Elizabeth Heiter, for being so incredibly generous with her time.

For those of you who read Hunted, I hope you enjoyed the book. Below are a few book club questions. Please feel free to comment and start a conversation!

Don’t forget about the March giveaways – you may win either a signed copy of Vanished or a $10 Amazon gift card, just for leaving a comment on one of my book club posts. I will pick the winners on April 5th.

1. How do the characters’ pasts influence their current actions?  What does that say about the influence of genetics versus environment?  How much does personal choice play a part?

2. How does sexual discrimination and sexual violence impact the story, and in what ways? 

3. What does it say about protagonist Evelyn Baine that she can understand the motivations of killers, but has trouble dissecting social cues?

4. Does Evelyn Baine’s insistence on self-reliance ultimately help or hurt her?

5. How does the theme of redemption play out in the story?  How does survivor’s guilt impact the need of certain characters to gain self-redemption?

6.  How does Evelyn Baine change through the course of the novel?  At the end of the story, do you feel that she is substantially different than she was at the start?

7. How does Evelyn’s past impact her relationships with her friends and family, and how does it impact potential new relationships, such as the developing relationship with Kyle MacKenzie?

4 thoughts on “March Wrap-up : Hunted”

  1. Question 4. I see Evelyn self-reliance as a survival technique. Her own mother didn’t care enough about her to protect her from all the various boyfriends. As adult, in the business that she’s in, that attitude helps, but only up to a point. In law enforcement, trust is key. No one can do that job alone and that was shown in the story. Sometimes, we all need a little help from our friends.

    1. I totally agree. I think it’s come in very handy for her in some situations, but in others, it holds her back. Definitely in HUNTED, she had to rely on others for a change in order to solve the case.

  2. Just finished the book. Evelyn having accepted support from others ultimately faced Harley one on one and she defeated him. At the end of the book she finally felt a true partner acepted and admired by her team.

  3. I have about 100 pages until I am finished reading Hunted. I am loving the book so far and look forward to reading Vanished! Also love that Elizabeth is a local writer, too cool! Thanks Laurie, for suggesting I read Hunted!

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