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Review – Pure Death

Pure Death


A murdered society debutante, her body sprinkled with 89 Costa Rican butterflies. A headless, gutted corpse washed up on shore with a beautiful, dead teenager. The case is anything but straightforward, and in an uncertain future, where resources are limited and the genetically defective are banished to a ghetto territory for Impures, Chief Detective Ina Stone and her partner, rookie detective Sam Fujimoto, must cross into Pure Territory to find a killer. An Impure herself, Ina must overcome her defect. And when her life is threatened, she must learn to rely on Sam, whose interest in her seems more than just professional.

Yet the Pures may have created a world in which even they don’t want to live anymore. Resources have become too scarce to hide, and a black market for medicine comes to light. When a third murder is discovered, Ina and Sam know there’s a connection. With too many suspects and not enough time, they must find that connection before the killer strikes again.

My Review:

In her book, Pure Death, Liah Penn creates an interesting world, where only the Pure members of society get to enjoy a comfortable and protected life. They live in a bubble, so to speak, with no crime or disease. So when a young woman is murdered in Pure territory, Detective Ina Stone gets called to solve the crime before another Pure death.

Detective Ina Stone is an Impure and was taken at birth to live in Impure territory. Her defect – a withered hand. Her new partner, Sam Fujimoto, has a defect of his own and questionable connections to crimes that are happening in both territories.

I thought this story had an interesting concept, creating a master race of people, trying to breed out disease, defects and degeneration. They use the Impure as a servant race, a group that is less than, who have little resources.

The mystery behind the murders was very interesting and had me guessing up until the end. I really liked Ina and her struggle to survive in a tough world that was set up to discriminate against her. She was tough and smart, but wasn’t afraid to let in a new love.

Pure Death was a well written book that had me thinking about it long after I was done.


Liah Penn is an author and attorney who resides outside of New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and two sons.  A former prosecutor, she has worked on an Indian reservation, on the Mexican border and as a small town lawyer.  She is hard at work on the second book in the Ina Stone and Sam Fujimoto mystery, “Pure Justice”.



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