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When I picked This Heart of Mine, by Brenda Novak, for my April book club pick, I had no idea what an emotionally packed story it was. After reading it in less than 24 hours, I have a new appreciation for the great skill that Brenda Novak weaves her character’s stories.

Phoenix has had a rough life to say the least. Her mother is a hoarder, along with other psychological issues. As a teen, she felt like an outcast. But with Riley, her high school boyfriend, she finally finds acceptance. But when he breaks up with her, she makes some mistakes…ending in a hit and run accident and a wrongful conviction for manslaughter.

Fast forward eighteen years and Phoenix is fresh out of jail. More than anything, she wants to meet the son, who she gave birth to while in prison. The son she never got to know. Jacob was raised by his father, Riley, and anxious to meet his mom. Riley is not so enthusiastic. He doesn’t trust Phoenix and believes that she really was responsible for the death so long ago.

Phoenix is unbelievably strong. After everything she’s had to endure over the years, her heart is so full of love and forgiveness. As Riley gets to know Phoenix all over again, he starts to doubt his negative beliefs about the mother of his son. Can love bloom a second time?

I loved This Heart of Mine. Like I said before, I read this book in under 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down. I put everything else on hold in order to stay lost in this story.

This Heart of Mine earns a top 5 star rating from me. I highly encourage you read this wonderful story!

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