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Setting Yourself Up To Fail



Why would you work so hard at a project, only to set it up to fail?

Personally, I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours writing my first book, Home Field. Even after all that time, it still requires attention; edits, querying, edits again. With all that time invested, why should I be looking for failure?

Because failing is part of the process. If you don’t fail, you’re standing still.

I recently entered my manuscript in a contest. I wasn’t picked as a finalist. The first judge love it and scored it high. Great! My ego appreciated that. The second judge rated it fairly low…but offered some wonderful, specific advice on how to make it better.

I put my work out there…and failed. No award, no recognition. But after the disappointment wore off (after about ten minutes) I did feel like a winner. Because I failed, I learned. My writing is stronger now because of it. I grew as a writer and as a person.

It’s never fun to fail at something you have put your heart and soul into. Let’s be honest, it would be nice to see that huge book deal after querying only one agent. But that is not how the process works for 99.999% of us.

We have to try, then fail, then try again. Over and over until we’ve grown and improved enough to earn our spot on the book shelf.

So go ahead…set yourself up to fail.

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