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At the Corner of King Street

corner of king st


I was given a copy of this book by the author, the wonderful Mary Burton (she writes under Mary Ellen Taylor for her women’s fiction series), at a recent Greater Detroit RWA meeting. She gave a informative presentation on writing and plot development. Now that our move is complete and the family is established in Wisconsin, I got to sit down and enjoy this story. This is the first book of Ms. Burton’s / Ms. Taylor’s that I’ve read, and I realized that ‘At the Corner of King Street’ is part of a series, but none of that mattered once I started reading. I fell head over heals in love with this book.

Addie Morgan is happy and in love. She lives and works on a vineyard in the Shenandoah Valley. The life that she’s built for herself is shattered when the past comes back in full force, pulling her home to Alexandria and her family’s curse. The curse is a mental illness that has been passed down from generation to generation of Shire women.

Addie’s sister, Janet, has just had a baby girl and because of her illness, can not care for her. So Addie does what she does best and becomes the glue that holds the family together. With her boyfriend and job at the vineyard pulling her one way, and her family pulling her back home, Addie listens to her heart.

Sitting on the corner of King Street is Shire Salvage Company. Addie’s Aunt Grace runs the family business now. As Addie starts to find her way back home, the Salvage Company starts to see new life under her care.

As a reader, I really connected with Addie. She didn’t carry the curse of mental illness but she had suffered because of it. I say curse of mental illness because the story points to a witch that cursed the Shire women back in the 1700s. Between each chapter in the book is a backstory, set in the eighteenth century, about how the curse came to be.

Again, I loved this story and look forward to reading the rest in the series, Sweet Expectations and Union Street Bakery. At the Corner of King Street left off with the potential for another story.

You can find her suspense novels under the author name Mary Burton.

You can buy At the Corner of King Street here:

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