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Okay, I’m an author…now what?


I’m proud to say that since February 2014, I’ve written three books. Two are complete, the third is currently a work in progress. I have these files stored in my computer, some of my friends and family have read my work, but what am I going to do with them?

For those who are interested, I thought I’d give a short update and let you share my ride.

Book 1: Home Field

I started querying this MS to agents last January. A query is a short email with the story’s main conflict and hook. Some agents want chapters to go along with the query letter, other don’t. Every agent is different, so it is important to research them online before submitting. No agent represents every genre. Since my MS is a contemporary romance, I needed to find agents that were looking for my kind of story.

When they say a writer’s work is never done, they weren’t lying! Just last week I did another read through (for I think the 1,000,000 time) and made plenty of revisions.

Over the past seven months, I’ve submitted to MANY agents and a few publishers that accept unagented manuscripts. So far I have a few interest parties who are considering Home Field, but no offers. For every one of those I have about seven rejections. And so it goes…

Book 2: True Horizon

This MS is the second in a potential series, following Home Field. A few weeks ago, I finally felt comfortable enough to start sending it out into the world. This one is a little tricky, since I still have several open submissions for the other book.  I have sent it to a few publishers and one agent. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I really want to sell both stories together as a series.

Book 3: After All

I’m writing the second draft of this one, a long and tedious process. I’m still working out character motivations and figuring out how to fix plot holes. This story deals with some heavy issues; infertility, cancer, teenage pregnancy, and domestic abuse. There is a lot I need to get right with this one, so I’m having to do plenty of research. After my second draft is done, (hopefully by next week) I will be sending it out to beta readers to get feedback. It’s always fun to hear everything that is wrong with your story, but it only serves to strengthen your work, so I guess that makes it alright!

As you can see, being a writer is more than just about writing. Putting words on paper is only the beginning.

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