After All


Molly Hernandez is not only a small town cop, she’s also a cervical cancer survivor. After enduring a radical hysterectomy, she decided to use her second chance to pursue a career in Federal Law Enforcement. So when her police chief assigns her to be the department’s School Resource Officer, she’s less than thrilled. Fortunately, she has already put in an application for the Drug Enforcement Agency. She still has to complete the hiring process, but she’s sure she won’t be in Liberty Ridge, Texas for long.

Drew Atwater put his life on hold while serving for ten years as a Special Forces soldier in the Army. Now he’s a middle school science teacher in Liberty Ridge, Texas and looking to put down roots. He’s given himself one year to find a woman to build his life with. In his mind, he has it all planned out, down to the big house filled with kids. Since he’s a data guy, Drew’s created a dating spreadsheet. Only his attraction to Molly Hernandez is crashing his confidence.

Molly continues to rebuff Drew’s advances. She’s heard about his one year plan to find a wife and is not interested in becoming a soccer mom. Her dreams are directed toward Quantico and Basic Agent Training for the DEA.

When Drew and Molly start working together on a program for troubled teens, it’s not long before Molly finds out that she and Drew have a lot more in common than she first thought. Even if Drew’s kisses make her weak in the knees, she knows she’d never fit into Drew’s mold for his perfect future.  

Drew doesn’t understand why Molly would want to trade in her safe life for a dangerous career chasing down drug dealers. It’s not until she’s about to leave for training that he realizes the strength that drives her is exactly what makes him head over heals in love with her. One of them will have to put aside their own goals in order to be together, and neither are good at compromise.


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