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Why I Write



Why do I spend so much of my time writing? Why does anyone devote hours to a project? Simple…because of the human drive to create something out of nothing.

My need to tell stories is something I’ve always possessed. It wasn’t until well into adulthood that I put those stories into writing. Whenever I had a hard time sleeping, I would close my eyes and pull together a story from my imagination. Sometimes I’d use the remnants of a dream and build on the story in my conscious mind. More often then not, I’d be asleep before I would reach the end. This is how my story HOME FIELD started. It wouldn’t leave my brain, awake or asleep. I knew then that I needed to write this one down. This one was special.

I love creating characters out of nothing. Breathing life into them and listen as they tell me their story. I love the challenge of writing and the constant drive to improve my craft. How can I explain to someone the rush I feel after spending hours at the computer, totally lost in my own imagination? Would anyone but a writer understand the visceral response to reading your own completed manuscript? Seeing your characters, the ones you’ve spent so much time with, overcome challenges (all of which you’ve created for them) to find true love.

Why do I write? Simply because I have to. I couldn’t imaging my life any other way.



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