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Looking Ahead to 2016



Wow…2015 was full of changes.

I said goodbye to a house I loved and a job, which for the most part, I enjoyed.

My kids left behind friends, and my husband and I said sayonara to a very bad situation.

Our family relocated to Wisconsin and we were lucky to have the summer to resettle.

Last year we traveled a bumpy road.

But that’s the past. I’m ready for the future. 2016 is set up to be a fantastic year.

-This year my writing is being elevated from a hobby to a career. (more details about that to come)

-I will continue to improve my craft and won’t shy away from taking risks.

-If I read a book I love, I’ll share it with anyone that will listen…even those say they don’t have time to read. (A condition I’ll never understand)

-Gratitude is not something I only embrace during the good times but I’ll remember to be thankful every day.

-I will let go of anger and learn to open my heart again to new friends.

-And I pray that the world uses this time we’ve been grated to find away to live together in peace.

Good wishes for a wonderful 2016!



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