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Skinny Dipping with Murder


Erica Bloom is back in Otter Lake, her dysfunctional hometown. Ever since the ‘incident’ at the Raspberry Social, she’s tried very hard to avoid going home. Now that she’s back, even stranger things have started to happen…like a dead body floating in her mother’s well. Erica finds herself the prime suspect and enlists the help of old and new friends to help solve the crime before her time is up.

My Review:

First, let me say that I absolutely adored this book. Erica Bloom’s sarcastic wit had me constantly cracking up with laughter. I loved Grady, the sexy old boyfriend turned sheriff who is out to solve Otter Lake’s crime of the century. The mystery surrounding the real murderer had me guessing until the end.

This book was sweet, funny, heartwarming, and refreshing. The secondary characters were a hoot, especially the ladies staying at the mother’s island retreat. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!!


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