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An Agape Love


Did you know that the Ancient Greek language had four distinct words for love? Our English only gives us one, and sometimes it doesn’t nearly seem like enough. I love my husband, I love my dog, I love chocolate. And of course, I don’t feel the same depth of emotion for chocolate as I do my husband (well, most of the time). The Greeks had a special word for the deepest love – Agape. This love transcends sexual attraction. It is bigger than friendship.

Agape love is complete, unconditional love. It is the form of love that would motivate a soldier to risk his/her life for another. It is the love of a parent who would work two jobs in order to provide for their child.

When I write a romance story, my goal is to have the hero and heroine fall into agape love. They just don’t have the hots for each other. Those feeling will quickly fizzle out if there is nothing else to back it up. I want the characters to be willing to make sacrifices for their love. Those feelings will fill their entire heart and soul. That type of unconditional love will see a couple through the rocky times that every relationship endures.

Agape love is shown by commitment and sacrifice. It is the purest form of love.

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