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When To Give Up


Who can’t relate to that picture? A young player who stepped up to the plate to give it his all, only to strike out.

This is kind of how I’ve felt lately. It’s been almost two months since I got the news that my contracted publisher was going out of business. So instead of counting down to my release date, I have been standing with my head facing the wall, struggling with disappointment.

To be honest, I wanted to quit.  Writing is one thing, but the journey to publication is full of too many landmines. It simply hurt too much to put myself out there again, only to end up disappointed.

So I spent some time wallowing in self-pity before coming to the conclusion that I can’t quit. There is something inside me that won’t let me. A little voice cheering me on. It comes from around me, my family and friends. It also comes from the burning desire to keep on creating. I have stories to tell and I want to share them with the world. I want others to find enjoyment and connection with my words, just like I have done with so many other author’s books.

When is it time to give up? For me, not now. Things with my contracts are still in limbo but I’m continuing to write. I recently finished the 1st draft of book 6 in my Warriors of the Heart series. Book 5, Know You By Heart, is complete and sent to my agent.


I hope to see you all soon with some good news that my series has found a new home. Until then…pick up that bat and start swinging again. Next time might be a home run!

3 thoughts on “When To Give Up”

  1. Oh Laurie! Gigantic hug! I’m sorry. This is so hard. You are an incredible author and wonderful agency sister. May wonderful blessings come out of this difficult time with your series.

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