Coming Summer 2018!

Two years after a life saving surgery left her infertile, Molly Hernandez is running full steam toward her goal of becoming a DEA Special Agent. She has bigger dreams than spending her life as a small town cop. And she won’t become distracted by falling in love with an Army veteran whose only focused on settling down and making babies.

Drew Atwater put off marriage and family until his career in the Army ended. Now, he has a one year plan to find the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, the one woman he desires to fill that role is a feisty cop who has her sights set on moving away from their peaceful town.

While working with a group of troubled teens, Molly and Drew discover they make a powerful team. Even so, their opposing goals threaten to pull them miles apart. Will a stubborn clash of wills prove even the best plans are made to be broken?


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