Harlequin Titles

Safeguarding the Witness

A treasure worth killing for…

Unless the bodyguard can protect them

Kayla Swartz’s return to Snowberry, Montana, has been a living nightmare. She found her estranged father murdered, and unless she retrieves some missing jewels, Kayla and her three-year-old sister could be next. With nowhere else to turn, Kayla entrusts their lives to bodyguard Nicholas Galanis. But is hiding at a remote cabin in the mountains their best chance to survive…or the perfect opportunity for an ambush?

Hunted by a Killer

Is she the pursuer…

Or the pursued?

When a body is found at the edge of the bayou, police detective Charlotte Reid knows the serial killer who murdered her sister is back. And if she doesn’t stop him, he’ll kill again. FBI special agent Austin Walsh insists Charlotte can’t do it on her own. But the murderer gives Charlotte a deadly challenge—catch him, or she’ll be his next victim…