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This is my stop during the blog tour for Guardian by Katy Newton Naas. This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 3 till 16 August, you can view the complete tour schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.


by Katy Newton Naas

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Age category: Middle Grade

Release Date: July 7, 2015


When Kinsey Lydell enters seventh grade, the only thing she wants is to fit in. But being like everyone else isn’t easy when you have epilepsy. Especially when that means a dog has to follow you around everywhere you go.

Drake, Kinsey’s assistance dog, has been her best friend since the day she met him. They have a special connection – he can sense her seizures before they occur. The other students have always loved having Drake in the classroom, making Kinsey feel special, not strange. But just a short time in a new middle school changes all of that.

Kinsey can’t help but admire Taylor Thompson. The boys like her and the girls want to be like her. But from the first day of school, it’s clear that Taylor is determined to make Kinsey feel like an outsider. Suddenly, her best friend – the one who lives his whole life just to protect her – becomes her source of humiliation.

My Review:

When I saw the call for reviewers for the Guardian, I jumped at the chance. My daughter has struggled with a seizure disorder (epilepsy) since she was five years old. She didn’t experience the grand mal seizures like Kinsey, but her’s were just as disrupted to her life. Now my daughter is fourteen and has been blessed to find a good nurse practitioner and neurologist. They have found a combination of medication that have gotten her seizures under control.

Watching my own child struggle with seizures, I could relate to Kinsey and her family. There had been a time when we had looked into getting a seizure dog for my daughter. Those dogs are unbelievably smart and special. They do change the lives of the people that they are matched with.

Kinsey is your typical teen. She goes to school, does her homework, and hangs out with friends, with her dog Drake always by her side. She struggles with being different, but has a good support system that makes her feel loved. When a new girl injects herself into Kinsey and her friends lives, Kinsey starts to become insecure. Before, she never let her condition hold her back, but now she starts withdrawing from life.

The Guardian was a wonderful story about friendship, love, and the undying devotion of a dog. Kinsey’s struggles were true to life. I thought the author had a good voice that conveyed the inner thoughts of a young teen girl.

Katy Newton Naas has teamed up with Willing Partners Canine Education, Inc.! For every copy of THE GUARDIAN purchased, Willing Partners will receive a portion of sales. Willing Partners trains service and assistance dogs to work with kids, adults, and veterans. Find out more about their program at the Willing Partners website

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Katy Newton NaasAbout the Author:

From the time she was old enough to talk, Katy Newton Naas has been creating characters and telling stories. As a child, they sometimes got her into trouble. She knew she wanted to write books when she won a Young Author’s competition as a second-grader for her short story titled, “The Grape Pie.” (Don’t let its tasty title fool you – it was actually a sad little tale!)

Katy devoured books as a child and young adult, always doing chores and odd jobs in order to make enough money to buy more of them. Though she continues to age, her true literature love is and has always been children’s and young adult fiction.

Katy currently teaches middle school reading and high school English in southern Illinois, as well as children’s church. She graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with a bachelor’s degree in English Education and a master’s degree in Reading and Language Studies. She enjoys her life out in the country with her husband, her sweet and rowdy young boys, and all her four-legged kids: Shakespeare, Poe, Morgi, Cappy, Ana, and Gray.

She loves creating both realistic and futuristic stories about kids, tweens, and teens, and feels so fortunate to get to work with them every day as a teacher.

You can find and contact Katy here:







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Breaking Her Rules

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Book Description:
Walker Adams was supposed to follow in his lawyer father’s
footsteps, but instead he’s training to be an MMA fighter. And while he works
for his chance to make it in the Maximum Fight League, he’s bunking on his baby
sister’s best friend’s couch. Gracie Andrews is all grown up—in all the right
places. But she’s engaged to the fight match-maker who holds Walker’s career in
his hands…

Gracie had almost convinced herself that she’d put her silly
childhood crush on Walker to rest. But the sight of him sleeping in only a pair
of boxer briefs makes it clear that some things never change. And as old sparks
turn to flames, Gracie is forced to decide between the future she thought she
wanted or the man she’s never stopped loving…

What could go wrong when Gracie Andrews agrees to let the brother of her best friend crash on her sofa for a few weeks…the brother who she grew up having a crush on…the brother who is now a hunky MMA fighter. Or should I ask…what could go right??

While Walker Adams is trying to breaking into the UFC, he is totally reliant on Grace’s ‘good graces’. She gives him a place to stay, helps him find a job and a gym to train at, and leaves his head spinning. Grace is now engaged to a powerful Vegas fight match-maker and has no interest in turning her back on a stable relationship for one with Walker, a man with no career and no money. (Don’t worry Walker, I’d take you regardless)

The chemistry between Grace and Walker was red hot! I loved the push and pull as they tried to figure out how to make it work between them. Jennifer did a great job of creating believable characters, ones that I was cheering for in the end.

I loved this book and I can’t wait for the next one in the series.

**I was given an ARC for an honest review


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Jennifer Snow lives in Edmonton,
Alberta with her husband and four year old son. She is a member of the Writers
Guild of Alberta, the Romance Writers of America, the Canadian Author
Association, and  She is
also a regular blogger on the Heartwarming Authors site and is a contributing
author to Mslexia Magazine, WestWord Magazine and RWR. She has also taught RWA
Chapters courses online.  Her 2013
Holiday Romance-The Trouble With Mistletoe was a finalist in the 2014 Golden
Quill Contest and the Heart of Denver Aspen Gold Contest.

Her publishing credits include two
holiday novellas, previously published by The Wild Rose Press, now re-released
or being re-released as self-published editions through Amazon. The Mistletoe
Fever was an Amazon bestseller for two weeks in the category of Kindle Short
Reads. Her six book small town, Brookhollow series is published through
Harlequin Heartwarming and she has a new MMA sports romance series releasing
through Berkley/NAL Intermix in 2015. RT Reviews has given each of her
Brookhollow series books 4 stars.

She also hosts an annual SnowGlobe
Award contest in recognition of holiday themed romance stories, with over forty
entries each year, with participants ranging from new authors to NYT
Bestselling authors, such as Brenda Novak and Sarah Morgan. More information
about the contest can be found at

She is active on her website,
Facebook, Twitter, and various blog sites and has a monthly author newsletter.

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A Pirate’s Command


Review: A Pirate’s Command

By Meg Hennessy

I’m a sucker for a historical pirate romance (who isn’t?). So when I saw the cover of A Pirate’s Command, I needed to read this book.

The story takes place in New Orleans in the early eighteen hundreds. Europe is in turmoil with revolutions rocking the peace of the ruling class. Donato de la Roche is Spanish royalty but also a feared pirate, who roams the waters of the Caribbean. His beloved wife, Colette has fled back home to New Orleans, taking their son with her. Donato wants his son back and won’t let anyone get in his way.

Only someone else gets to the boy first. Now Donato and Colette have to work together to figure out who kidnapped him and get their son. Along the way, they will also have to come to terms with truth about their feelings for one another. Love might not be enough to heal their two wounded hearts.

This book was everything I anticipated; love gone awry, secrets, a sexy pirate, political intrigue, and a smoking hot love story. Meg Hennessy did her homework. She added plenty of cool nautical terms and period dialogue that gave the story an authentic feel. I liked the slow burn between Donato and Colette. After Colette’s disappearance with their son, their relationship would naturally take time to heal. Colette had very valid reasons for returning to New Orleans with her brother and not trusting Donato…but a handsome, Spanish pirate is pretty hard to resist!

I am looking forward to reading more from Meg Hennessy.

Reviewer was giving a ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.

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At the Corner of King Street

corner of king st


I was given a copy of this book by the author, the wonderful Mary Burton (she writes under Mary Ellen Taylor for her women’s fiction series), at a recent Greater Detroit RWA meeting. She gave a informative presentation on writing and plot development. Now that our move is complete and the family is established in Wisconsin, I got to sit down and enjoy this story. This is the first book of Ms. Burton’s / Ms. Taylor’s that I’ve read, and I realized that ‘At the Corner of King Street’ is part of a series, but none of that mattered once I started reading. I fell head over heals in love with this book.

Addie Morgan is happy and in love. She lives and works on a vineyard in the Shenandoah Valley. The life that she’s built for herself is shattered when the past comes back in full force, pulling her home to Alexandria and her family’s curse. The curse is a mental illness that has been passed down from generation to generation of Shire women.

Addie’s sister, Janet, has just had a baby girl and because of her illness, can not care for her. So Addie does what she does best and becomes the glue that holds the family together. With her boyfriend and job at the vineyard pulling her one way, and her family pulling her back home, Addie listens to her heart.

Sitting on the corner of King Street is Shire Salvage Company. Addie’s Aunt Grace runs the family business now. As Addie starts to find her way back home, the Salvage Company starts to see new life under her care.

As a reader, I really connected with Addie. She didn’t carry the curse of mental illness but she had suffered because of it. I say curse of mental illness because the story points to a witch that cursed the Shire women back in the 1700s. Between each chapter in the book is a backstory, set in the eighteenth century, about how the curse came to be.

Again, I loved this story and look forward to reading the rest in the series, Sweet Expectations and Union Street Bakery. At the Corner of King Street left off with the potential for another story.

You can find her suspense novels under the author name Mary Burton.

You can buy At the Corner of King Street here:

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REVIEW – Homefront


Review of Homefront by Jessica Scott

After reading Ms. Scott’s Back to You, I was very excited about her new release, Homefront.

This story follows a formerly married couple, Gale and Melanie Sorren, and their teenage daughter, Jamie. Gale is a career soldier, who has always put his commitment to the Army before anything else, including his family. Being a soldier is the only thing Gale feels he’s ever excelled at. As a husband and father, well, to be honest…he kinda sucked.

Now, having been stationed at Fort Hood, Gale’s living close to his ex-wife and daughter. He wants another chance to make things right. Only Melanie has been burned by him before. She’s spent fifteen years raising their troubled daughter, all on her own. Why would she want to take Gale back?

That is the million dollar question in Homefront. Mel stills carries a flame for Gale, and Gale is obviously still in love with her. Neither one has found someone else to fill that void.

Fifteen years is a long time to be apart, and not just – hey, I’m living on the other side of town, but I’m living on the other side of the world. Their daughter has more than her fair share of teenage angst, and Mel has been having to deal with that all on her lonesome for way too long.

I’m a sucker for second chance romances, and there is plenty of conflict preventing Gale and Mel from getting back together. I liked both characters. Ms. Scott did a great job bring them to life, faults and all. Her writing style is gritty and real, and doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff.

My only complaint is that I felt Mel was way to easy on Gale. I would have made him grovel a bit more, but maybe that’s just me.

If you like military romance and second chance love, pick up Homefront.

* Reviewer was given a free copy from NetGalley for a fair review

Book Review

Write from the Heart Review

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

We’re launching the BOOK TOUR for
The Truth About Hope
By Kate James

Can Hope help her hometown that holds long grudges and possibly find love with her old high school sweetheart along the way? Come along on the tour to get to know a little more about

My Review:

If you’re anything like me, your teenage years were filled with self-doubt and silly mistakes. So in reading Kate’s story, The Truth About Hope, I could totally relate to 17 year old Hope. No, I didn’t have a rich, elusive dad…and I never found true love as a teenager, but I can sympathize with her actions right after the death of her mother.

She lies. And unfortunately, her friends, including her boyfriend, Luke Carter, believe her.

Years later, Hope is back in Canyon Creek to fulfill a promise. But just because her heart is in the right place, doesn’t mean all is forgiven.

What I enjoyed most about The Truth About Hope, was the refreshing honesty of the characters. Hope and Luke still carry a flame for each other after all those years, and the reader gets the pleasure of following them on their journey toward forgiveness and a rekindled love.

Sometimes, past mistakes are too big of an obstacle to overcome. People hold on to grudges and hard feelings long after it’s time to let them go.

So what is the truth about Hope? I encourage you to pick up the book and find out for yourself.

Tour Schedule:
April 24th – Launch
April 26th – Word Wranglers & Write & Rewrite
April 27th – Underneath the Covers
April 28th – Letters from Annie (Douglass) Lima
April 29th – Zerina Blossom’s Books
April 30th – I Am A Reader
May 1st – Katie’s Clean Book Collection & Copyright1985
May 3rd – My Love for Reading Keeps Growing
May 4th – i blog 4 books & Rockin’ Book Reviews
May 5th – The Written Adventure & Write from the Heart
May 6th – Deal Sharing Aunt & Bookworm Lisa
May 7th – Getting Your Read On
May 8th – Grand Finale

More About The Truth About Hope and Author Kate James

What is your motivation behind this book? Why did you want to write it?

My motivation behind all my books is to entertain readers with stories that they hopefully find engaging, unpredictable, and morally and emotionally satisfying.

The idea for this book arose partially from my respect for Hope’s real-life counterparts—people who care for, rehabilitate and locate forever homes for the animals that find their way into shelters.

What do you hope readers take with them when they read your book?

I would like readers to feel good about the story’s conclusion, and believe that no matter what hardships we may face, we can overcome them with faith, perseverance and—of course—love!

Do you have a favorite scene?

One of my favorite scenes is when Hope and Luke meet unexpectedly outside a pet food store after her return to her hometown of Canyon Creek.

Share something about you that is unique.

I wanted to write from a relatively young age, but a family tragedy, school and career intervened. A few years ago, my ever-intuitive husband realized that writing was—or could be—something important to me, and he gifted me a personal laptop for my birthday. While outwardly appreciative, in my mind I was wondering why I needed another laptop, when I had a perfectly good one from work that was constantly with me. Clearly my husband knew better than me, because having a separate computer that I didn’t associate with my essentially 24/7 day job was pivotal. That gift ultimately resulted in my first publishing contract and, two years later, my decision to step down from a full-time CEO role (that I enjoyed and found rewarding) to pursue writing as a career. I owe a debt of gratitude to all my readers for enabling me to fulfil my dream of writing!

The Truth About Hope
by Kate James
Adult Contemporary Romance
May 1st 2015 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Who is Hope Wilson?

Is she the girl her former hometown thinks she is? Or the girl Luke Carter once loved—and maybe still does?

When Hope returns to Canyon Creek, Texas, to honor her

father’s last wishes, there’s only one person on her mind: her high school sweetheart, Luke. The boy she lied to when she had to leave Canyon Creek as a teen, finding it easier to hide what she really felt than deal with the grief of loss. Her father’s fortune could make a big difference to Canyon Creek—but Hope finds that the townspeople have a long memory about his misdeeds. With a plan to make amends on his behalf, Hope learns the truth about herself. And the truth about love.

Kate James 2.jpgKate James spent eight years of her childhood living in foreign countries as her professional parents travelled on business. She lived in four countries and spoke five languages before settling down in Canada again to attend university. After graduating with a degree in civil engineering, she held a variety of positions in the field of real estate development and operations, and ran three substantial organizations. While her writing during this period was mostly business related, including presentations and speeches she delivered both nationally and internationally, her passion is and always has been fiction.

Kate’s business and personal experiences enable her to write fiction with a deep, often first-hand knowledge of what she is writing about. This approach makes Kate’s stories richer and more vivid.

Kate’s goal is to entertain you with well-written, engaging stories, set in intriguing places and with strong, likeable characters. “I hope my stories bring you pleasure and entertain you. Nothing pleases me more than receiving feedback from people who have chosen to spend their valuable leisure time with one of my books,” notes Kate.

Kate married her husband, Ken, in an elegant, ocean-front wedding on a tropical island. When they are not traveling, they split their time between their properties in southern and central Ontario in Canada.

Tour Giveaway

$30 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
5 Print Copies of The Truth About Hope (US/CAN Only)
1 ebook of The Truth About Hope (INT)

Ends May 15th

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When I picked This Heart of Mine, by Brenda Novak, for my April book club pick, I had no idea what an emotionally packed story it was. After reading it in less than 24 hours, I have a new appreciation for the great skill that Brenda Novak weaves her character’s stories.

Phoenix has had a rough life to say the least. Her mother is a hoarder, along with other psychological issues. As a teen, she felt like an outcast. But with Riley, her high school boyfriend, she finally finds acceptance. But when he breaks up with her, she makes some mistakes…ending in a hit and run accident and a wrongful conviction for manslaughter.

Fast forward eighteen years and Phoenix is fresh out of jail. More than anything, she wants to meet the son, who she gave birth to while in prison. The son she never got to know. Jacob was raised by his father, Riley, and anxious to meet his mom. Riley is not so enthusiastic. He doesn’t trust Phoenix and believes that she really was responsible for the death so long ago.

Phoenix is unbelievably strong. After everything she’s had to endure over the years, her heart is so full of love and forgiveness. As Riley gets to know Phoenix all over again, he starts to doubt his negative beliefs about the mother of his son. Can love bloom a second time?

I loved This Heart of Mine. Like I said before, I read this book in under 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down. I put everything else on hold in order to stay lost in this story.

This Heart of Mine earns a top 5 star rating from me. I highly encourage you read this wonderful story!

Purchase This Heart of Mine on Amazon:

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Review – Pure Death

Pure Death


A murdered society debutante, her body sprinkled with 89 Costa Rican butterflies. A headless, gutted corpse washed up on shore with a beautiful, dead teenager. The case is anything but straightforward, and in an uncertain future, where resources are limited and the genetically defective are banished to a ghetto territory for Impures, Chief Detective Ina Stone and her partner, rookie detective Sam Fujimoto, must cross into Pure Territory to find a killer. An Impure herself, Ina must overcome her defect. And when her life is threatened, she must learn to rely on Sam, whose interest in her seems more than just professional.

Yet the Pures may have created a world in which even they don’t want to live anymore. Resources have become too scarce to hide, and a black market for medicine comes to light. When a third murder is discovered, Ina and Sam know there’s a connection. With too many suspects and not enough time, they must find that connection before the killer strikes again.

My Review:

In her book, Pure Death, Liah Penn creates an interesting world, where only the Pure members of society get to enjoy a comfortable and protected life. They live in a bubble, so to speak, with no crime or disease. So when a young woman is murdered in Pure territory, Detective Ina Stone gets called to solve the crime before another Pure death.

Detective Ina Stone is an Impure and was taken at birth to live in Impure territory. Her defect – a withered hand. Her new partner, Sam Fujimoto, has a defect of his own and questionable connections to crimes that are happening in both territories.

I thought this story had an interesting concept, creating a master race of people, trying to breed out disease, defects and degeneration. They use the Impure as a servant race, a group that is less than, who have little resources.

The mystery behind the murders was very interesting and had me guessing up until the end. I really liked Ina and her struggle to survive in a tough world that was set up to discriminate against her. She was tough and smart, but wasn’t afraid to let in a new love.

Pure Death was a well written book that had me thinking about it long after I was done.


Liah Penn is an author and attorney who resides outside of New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and two sons.  A former prosecutor, she has worked on an Indian reservation, on the Mexican border and as a small town lawyer.  She is hard at work on the second book in the Ina Stone and Sam Fujimoto mystery, “Pure Justice”.



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Barnes and Noble


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Review – Raising the Stakes

Raising the Stakes banner
This is my stop during the blog tour for Raising the Stakes by Karen Rock. This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 1 till 7 April, you can view the complete tour schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.

Raising the Stakes CoverRaising the Stakes
by Karen Rock
Genre: Adult
Age category: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 1 April, 2015

Hiding from the world…

Tucking herself away in the Adirondack woods was supposed to keep Vivienne Harris safe. From dark memories of the Bronx, from danger, from entanglements. But when an orphaned bear cub raids her pantry and conservation officer Liam Walsh appears with news of poachers nearby, her private, peaceful world is turned upside down!

Suddenly two forces are drawing her out—Button, the cub who needs her help, and Liam, the man who’s dead set against her rehabilitating the bear. If she can just win Liam’s support, Vivie knows she can give Button a good life. And maybe find the courage to embrace a future with Liam…

My Review:

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but look at that cover. Isn’t that sweet, little bear cub enticing you to grab that book and start reading?

Raising the Stakes by Karen Rock is an animal / romance lovers dream. Vivienne Harris left the large city for the safety of the Adirondack Mountains. When a cub breaks into her house in the middle of the night, Vivie’s life is about to take a ‘wild’ turn.

Liam Walsh, a wildlife officer, answers the call about the stray bear cub. With the cub’s mother killed by poachers, Liam believes the little guy should be put down.  But Vivie won’t hear of it. Can the stubborn Liam talk Vivie into doing what’s right in his eyes, or will Vivie’s kind heart win in the end?

I loved all the animals in this book, from Vivie’s old dog and curious cat, to Buttons the bear, and Liam’s dog – Extra Pickles. (I still can’t get over that name!)

The love story between Vivienne and Liam starts and stops…then starts again, only to have them pulled back apart by their different opinions about Buttons care and Liam’s desire to take a new post in Yellowstone.

Karen did a good job of revealing the character’s back story in bits and pieces throughout the story, so as a reader, I was intrigued up until the end. I won’t say what happened to the little orphan cub, you’ll have to read the book and find out yourself. Let’s just say my eyes were a little damp at many points throughout the book, and especially when I was finished reading.

The reviewer was given an ARC for an honest review.

You can find Raising the Stakes on Goodreads

You can buy Raising the Stakes here:
Barnes & Noble

karen in gardenAbout the Author:
Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and adult contemporary romance author. She holds a master’s degree in English and worked as an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time writer. Currently she writes for Harlequin Heartwarming and her first novel for the line, WISH ME TOMORROW, has won the 2014 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, the 2014 Golden Quill Contest and a finalist in the Published Maggie Awards. The first novel in her co-authored YA series, CAMP BOYFRIEND, has been a finalist in the Booksellers Best and Golden Leaf awards.

You can find and contact Karen here:
Quarterly Newsletter
Amazon Author Page

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Raising the Stakes. These are the prizes you can win:
– a 100$ Amazon gift card (INT)
– a set of signed paperbacks of Wish Me Tomorrow, His Hometown Girl, Someone Like You and A League of Her Own (US only)
Raising the Stakes Grand Prize

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:
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Lola's Blog Tours

Book Review


Cover - Spellbound (1)

Making Connections Blog Tour Stop for Spellbound by SL Ross

Sarah Daniels has just discovered that life as she knows it is not what it seems.

Sarah is your typical American girl, happy, loving parents and off to college. She even falls in love for the first time with a perfect take home to mom kind of guy Jeff. But like everything all things must come to an end. Trust is now an issue with Sarah. Jeff had destroyed her feelings on love and all that comes with it. It’s now Sarah’s senior year of college when strange things begin to happen to her. She meets a mystery man she feels she knows and the only problem with it is that she had a vision about it before it happened. Then her parents go missing. Sarah is a strong person but with everything falling apart around her she doesn’t know how much more she can handle. Especially not the news that her new boyfriend is a vampire and her ex is a werewolf…

Enter to win an e-copy of SPELLBOUND –

Author Photo - SL Ross

Author Bio

My name is Sabrina Ross, I live in Canada. I’m married, been married for 11 years. We have two wonderful children, both boys, both under 10. I love to read, write, listen to music and I am a huge movie fan.  My preferred genre to read is is paranormal but I am game to trying anything and same goes for writing. I have 5 books published. The first four are part of the Immortal Island Series under the name SL Ross, book 1 Spellbound, book 2 The Vampire Masquerade, Book 3 The Fallen, and book 4 The Reckoning. My most recent book is Hard to Love under my full name Sabrina Ross. All available at and


Twitter:  @sl_ross and @immortalislands



You can buy SPELLBOUND at the links bellow: