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Reaper Madness

by Nessie Strange


Story Summary:

This isn’t the afterlife she expected…

Jen MacLellan can’t get the hang of being a reaper. She’s been separated from Jack, the man she loves, and is stuck with an annoying telepathic link to her ill-tempered mentor, Sam. Now Death is breathing down her neck, promising to remove that annoying link if she gives him what he wants. But when reapers begin to disappear back on earth, leaving behind walking, talking dead people, Jen and Sam are thrust into a dangerous mission to recapture the souls, and a passionate physical relationship that complicates everything.

Jack Norris has no memory prior to waking up on the half-demon Nulcifer’s couch six months earlier. As he begins to investigate his past, he discovers a string of past lives tied together by a beautiful, mysterious brunette. Who is she? And why does finding her seem like a life or death proposition?

When Sam falls victim to fate during a routine visit to earth, Jen’s devastated. Desperate to get him back, she runs smack into the man she never thought she’d see again—Jack. She tries to keep her distance, but there’s no time to be awkward if they want to save Sam. When sinister plots are revealed, and betrayals threaten everything, she’s forced to make some tough choices—and learns that life is just as difficult when you’re dead.

My Review:

Reaper Madness is the second book in the series, Living Dead World.

The first, Living Dead Girl, introduces the reader the main characters – Jen and Jack. These two have a heated first encounter, which makes their love story very unexpected. While they are planning their future together, a woman with a fatal attraction to Jack plans Jen’s demise. I won’t give away too much about how Living Dead Girl ends, but let’s just say that both Jen and Jack end up in the afterlife.

Now, in Reaper Madness, Jen has been assigned to Sam as a Reaper and Jack is stuck in purgatory with a blank memory. They have become lost to each other in this strange realm between heaven and hell. Over time, Jen starts to fall for her partner Sam, who is so much more than he first appears. But when Jen and Jack finally find their way back together, strong forces work to keep them apart.

I really liked both of these books. The dialogue was sharp and smartly written. Jen, Jack, and Sam have interesting personalities that played well against each other. Reaper Madness was a different type of paranormal than I’m used to reading. I thought the afterlife world was well crafted and multi-layered. It kept me wanting more.

Luckily, the author has another book to add to the series! I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Author Bio:

Nessie is a Massachusetts native and mother of two who has dabbled in everything from abstract painting to freelance sports reporting. She also loves a good story, whether it’s reading or writing one. Living Dead Girl and Reaper Madness, the first two novels in her urban fantasy Living Dead World series, were published by Etopia press in 2014.

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The King’s Sword by C.J. Brightly

Cover - The King's Sword

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A disillusioned soldier. A spoiled, untried prince. A coup that threatens the country they both love. When retired soldier Kemen finds the young prince Hakan fleeing an attempted assassination, he reluctantly takes the role of mentor and guardian. Keeping the prince alive is challenging enough. Making him a man is harder.

As usurper Vidar tightens his grip on power, Kemen wrestles with questions of duty and honor. What if the prince isn’t the best ruler after all?

Invasion looms, and Kemen’s decisions will shape the fate of a nation. What will he sacrifice for friendship and honor?


The King’s Sword takes place in the mythical land of Erdem. I imagined the main character, Kemem Sendoa, as an old man sitting by the fire, reciting his story of adventure to his grandchildren.

As the story begins, Kemem has been released from the kingdom’s military and is wandering the countryside alone. He encounters a teenage boy, who is under dressed for the cold weather and alone. This happens to be no ordinary boy, but the prince, Hakan Ithel.

Hakan is on the run. His father, the king, is dead and someone has put a price on the prince’s head. He barely escaped the palace with his life. Now, a strange and dangerous looking man is offering his protection. Can Hakan trust him?

As the story progresses, we get to know Kemem’s back story; how he came into military service and why he had to leave. He’s had a hard life, but that did not make him bitter or resentful. He is a sworn protector of the king, and now he is charged with protecting the prince and seeing him back to his rightful place, the throne.

It’s not an easy task, with an untested prince and many people out to kill him. But Kemem does an admirable job of taking the boy under his wing and turning him into a man.

The King’s Sword was an interesting story, which moved at a slower pace than what I’m used to. That wasn’t necessarily bad, because I really got to know Kemem and grew to like him. I thought the author did a good job of world building to bring the reader along on an epic adventure.

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Book Review


Book Cover - Kindar's Cure

Write from the Heart Review


by Michelle Hauck

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Princess Kindar of Anost dreams of playing the hero and succeeding to her mother’s throne. But dreams are for fools. Reality involves two healthy sisters and a wasting disease of suffocating cough that’s killing her by inches. When her elder sister is murdered, the blame falls on Kindar, putting her head on the chopping block.

No one who survives eighteen years of choke lung lacks determination. A novice wizard, Maladonis Bin, approaches with a vision—a cure in a barren land of volcanic fumes. As choices go, a charming bootlicker that trips over his own feet isn’t the best option, but beggars can’t be choosers. Kindar escapes with Mal and several longtime attendants only to have her eyes opened that her country faces dark times. 

Her mother’s decision to close the prosperous mines spurs poverty and joblessness, inciting rebellion and opening Anost to foreign invasion. As Mal urges her toward a cure that will prove his visions, suddenly, an ally turns traitor, delivering Kindar to a rebel army, who have their own plans for a sickly princess.

With the killer poised to strike again, the rebels bearing down, and the country falling apart, she must weigh her personal hunt for a cure against saving her people.


*The reviewer was given a free copy of the book for an honest review.

Kindar is a princess, and she’s dying. When a wizard approaches her with a vision for a cure, it’s great news. But there’s a problem…she will have to slip out from under her cruel mother’s thumb and go on a dangerous quest to save her own life.

Kindar suffers from lung choke, a normally fatal disease that she has been fighting her entire life. It makes her appear weak, which in turn makes her feel unworthy. Her mother, the empress, has evil intentions toward her three daughters. These three daughters point to an omen, a promise of a savior, and mommy dearest doesn’t want to share power with any of her offspring. When Kindar’s comfortable palace world starts to unravel and a young wizard promises her a cure, she begins a journey that puts her on the path to becoming the woman her mother feared.

Along the way, Kindar must decide who to trust, whom she must fear, and what truly is most important.

I love a good fantasy story, to get swept away to mythical places and follow along on grand adventures. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Game of Thrones series are some of my favorite books.

In Kindar’s Cure, I thought Michelle Hauck did an excellent job of bringing the reader into her world of fighting countries, double crossing wizards, magic, and an ancient omen.

.I liked this story. It was easy to get sucked into Kindar’s journey and appreciate the choices she had to make. It reminded me of The Game of Thrones in that it highlighted strong female characters and their struggle to obtain power. Their choices are often marked by deep devotion for their loved ones and the people they serve.

If you’re looking for a well rounded fantasy with strong female leads, definitely read Kindar’s Cure.


Michelle Hauck lives in the bustling metropolis of northern Indiana with her hubby and two teenagers. Besides working with special needs children by day, she writes all sorts of fantasy, giving her imagination free range. She is a co-host of the yearly query contests Query Kombat, Nightmare on Query Street, New Agent, PitchSlam, and Sun versus Snow. Her epic fantasy, Kindar’s Cure, was published by Divertir Publishing. She’s represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary.


Twitter: @Michelle4Laughs

Blog: Michelle4Laughs: It’s in the Details

Facebook: Michelle Hauck, Author

Goodreads: Kindar’s Cure

Tumblr: Michelle4Laughs


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Review – Falling for Leigh by Jennifer Snow


Write from the Heart Review

Falling for Leigh

by Jennifer Snow

All Logan Walters wants to do is finish his book. Is that too much to ask? He finds a nice bed and breakfast in the quiet town of Brookhollow to do just that. But he can’t think straight with the noisy children running up and down the hall and that incessant pounding coming from next door. Not being able to take the distraction, he marches over to ask the offender to cease her hammering.  After a brief conversation with the beautiful woman next door, he saves her from falling off her rickety ladder, then leaves with a broken wrist for his trouble.

Leigh Norris loves kids. So much so that she operates her own daycare. Having tried and failed to have children of her own, she gives love to the children she cares for. When the grumpy author from the B & B next door breaks his wrist while saving her from a fall, she offers to help Logan by typing the rest of his book.

These two have a rocky start. Logan is resentful that he needs help and Leigh has her own tender feelings with an ex-husband and his very pregnant wife. While Logan and Leigh work together, they start becoming more in sync. They both have the same goals…a family, but in order to achieve them, their lives would take them in different directions.

Logan’s needs to gain custody of his daughter or move out to California to live closer to her.  Leigh wants nothing more than to adopt a baby and raise him or her in Brookhollow.  

What I liked best about this story is that Logan and Leigh had to work for their relationship. It was complicated and sometimes messy with life’s problems. They had to make some tough decisions and the happily ever after did not come without some tears.

The infertility story line was especially touching. I really felt for Leigh and her struggle to come to terms with the fact she would not be able to carry a pregnancy to full term. Logan started as a self-absorbed writer but ended up as a swoon worthy hero.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a strong romance with lots of heart!

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Review – A League of Her Own by Karen Rock

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Write from the Heart Review

A League of Her Own

by Karen Rock

I first became introduced to Karen Rock through her book, His Hometown Girl. So, when I saw she had a new book out, I quickly downloaded it onto my Kindle.

I have a long love story with sports. Not that I have any natural athletic ability (I trip over my own feet). In high school, I worked as an usher for my hometown pro-baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers. Sport heroes are some of my favorite to read about in romance, and Garret Wolf does not disappoint!

Garret Wolf is a minor league pitcher who gets a second chance with the Falcons. Heather Gadway is a former college softball pitching star and daughter of the Falcon’s owner. When Heather’s father becomes ill and threatens to sell the team, Heather makes a deal…she will step in as manager for the rest of the season and try to turn the team around.

Garret and Heather butt heads right off the bat (I love baseball puns!) but eventually come to an uneasy alliance. They both want the team to succeed, each for their own reasons.

I loved the fact that Heather stepped into a minor league manager position. It took a lot of guts to stand in a locker room full of male professional athletes and attempt to gain their support….kinda like wrangling kittens. Heather didn’t let her own insecurities or rocky history with her parents become an excuse to quit.

Any book with such a sweet love story and a strong female lead will get a strong recommendation from me.

I rate A League of Her Own  5 hearts