Blog Hop – Sun vs Snow

Welcome to the Sun vs. Snow blog hop!

As part of the Sun vs. Snow contest, I am publishing a short pitch and first 250 words of my work in progress, True Horizon.

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Title- True Horizon

Genre- Contemporary Romance

Word Count- 73,000

Short Pitch-

Struggling with PTSD, a former soldier never thought he’d find something to live for. Until the woman he rescues from drowning makes it her mission to save him.

First 250 words-

Each loud firework explosion pushed Heath Carter’s cautious self-control closer to the edge. He blocked out the noise and focused on his surroundings. With every deep inhale and exhale, the rapid beat of his heart began to slow, warm air filled his lungs.  Looking down at his hands, he saw they were once again steady.  While he had attained the ability to control his rage, Heath knew it would never go away. It always kept company with the guilt and sorrow that would also rise up without warning.

He was safe, for now, in a cheap hotel room in Galveston….not in Afghanistan. In order to keep the panic from rising up again, Heath hit the volume button on his iPod and Highway to Hell blasted into his ears. “Fifty more,” he said, tucking his bare feet under the ugly floral chair, then laying his back down on a long towel set on the floor. Sweat dripped from his body as he flawlessly executed the sit-ups. “Duty…Honor…Country,” he repeated the chant, his body moving in rhythm with words from another life.

Finishing in an upright, seated position, Heath grabbed the towel thrown over the arm of the chair and wiped his face. The air conditioner unit that stuck precariously out of the wall started humming its death throes. His hotel room must be ninety degrees by now, but that discomfort was nothing compared to what awaited him if he opened the window to let in the cool night breeze.


Holiday Query Blog Hop

Below is my *revised* entry for Michelle4Laughs Holiday Blog Hop.

True Horizon is a WIP, Contemporary Romance, at approximately 73,000 words.

Dear Fabulous Agent,

After a decade of fighting, Special Forces soldier, Heath Carter, is living with war’s tragic consequences. Struggling with anger and guilt, he embarks on a journey across Texas, adrift and alone. When he jumps into a river to rescue a drowning woman, his fortunes start to change. Offered a temporary job on a cattle ranch by her grateful father, he slowly begins to open up to Grace, the woman whom he saved.

Grace Murray, former ugly duckling…now turned swan, has moved back home to her family’s ranch in order to prepare for her wedding. When she accidentally performs a head dive into a river, a  strange drifter, covered in tattoos and a scruffy beard, saves her life. Now they’re both living on the ranch and she can’t help but be drawn to the troubled Heath Carter. As days go by, Grace begins to question her choices and starts to crave the freedom she had growing up on the ranch. Only her fiancé won’t hear of it. He wants her to move back with him to Dallas, just like they’d planned.

Grace’s time spent at the quiet country ranch and Heath’s steady companionship leave her ready to trade one dream for another. Only Heath’s past is standing in the way. He sees himself as tainted by the tragic mistakes he made in Afghanistan, not worthy of Grace’s love. Now, Grace needs to decide if she can stand by Heath’s side and share his burden, or are the realities of life with PTSD too much for their new relationship to overcome.  

True Horizon is written as a standalone novel, but also has series potential. I believe it would appeal to fans of Nicholas Sparks’ The Lucky One and Karen Rock’s Someone Like You. Thank-you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Laurie Hoffman